Course curriculum

    1. Understanding Accounting

    2. Accounting 101

    3. Assumptions Accountants Make

    4. Accounting Principles and Assumptions

    5. General Purpose of Accounting

    6. Accounting Categories

    7. The Simplest Kind of Accounting System

    8. Accounting & Newton's 3rd Law

    9. Kinds of Accounts: Assets, Liabilities and Equity

    10. Understanding How Debits and Credits Work

    11. Journalizing in Accounting

    12. Journalizing + The Chart of Accounts For The Balance Sheet

    13. Understanding the Chart of Accounts for the Income Statement

    14. Journalizing Examples Part 1

    15. Journalizing Examples Part 2

    16. Wrap Up of Journalizing

    17. The Big Secret of Accounting

    1. Introduction to Financial Statements

    2. Financial Statements and the Balance Sheet

    3. Looking at the Balance Sheet

    4. Dividing Up the Balance Sheet

    5. Looking at the Different Sections of the Balance Sheet

    6. Problems with Understanding the Balance Sheet

    7. How to Look At The Balance Sheet

    8. How to Read a Balance Sheet

    9. Reading the Balance Sheet for NonCurrent Assets

    10. Reading the Balance Sheet at Liabilities

    11. Reading the Balance Sheet and Long Term Liabilities

    12. Observations about the Balance Sheet

    13. Cost of Goods Sold Equation

    14. Understanding Gross Margin

    15. Construction Accounting

    16. Looking at Expenses

    17. Strange Acronyms and Methods of Accounting

    18. Problems To Be Aware Of

    19. The Cash Flow Statement And The Indirect Method

    20. The Cash Flow Statement and the Direct Method

    21. Cash Flow Activities and the Statement of Owner's Equity

    22. Notes to Financial Statements

    23. The Accountant's Report

    24. The Compilation Financial Statement

    25. Reviewed Financial Statement

    26. Audited Financial Statement

    27. Accounting Services

    28. The Accounting Pyramid and Summary of Course

    1. Understanding the Process of the Accounting Cycle

    2. Bookkeeping and Journalizing

    3. Deeper Dive of Journalizing

    4. The Payroll Process in Journalizing and Adjustments

    5. Summarizing and Adjustments

    6. Preparing the Financial Statement

    1. Understanding Accounting Principles

    2. Accrual Accounting

    3. GAAP

    4. Basic Accounting Principles Explored

    5. The Accrual Method

    1. Managerial Accounting Intro

    2. What Managerial Accounting is All About

    3. Variance Analysis

    4. Cost Analysis

    5. Understanding Cost Benefit

    6. Other Aspects of Cost Benefit

    7. Break-Even & Cost Volume Profit

    8. Activity Based Costing

    9. Product Costing

    10. Business Driver Metrics

    11. Forecasting and Planning

    1. When Accounting Goes Bad

    2. How Sales Tax Should be Handled

    3. Software Issues

    4. Red Flags to Look For

    5. Causes of Unreliable Financials

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