Course curriculum

    1. Keys to Understanding Your Audience

    1. Personality Types and Presenting Financial Information

    1. Toxic Personalities and How to Deal with Them

    1. Communicating with Non-Analytics, What to Focus On and Understanding Reporting Hierarchy

    1. Appearances and Good-Looking Financials

About this course

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  • 12 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Learning Objectives

  • 1. Identify Misunderstandings

    Identify the six most common misconceptions and misunderstandings about accounting data that non-financial managers have.

  • 2. How to Increase the Level of Comprehension

    Discover how feedback and assessment loops can be used to gauge the level of audience comprehension.

  • 3. Communication Barriers

    List the 7 best ways to overcome communications barriers with non-analytical personality types.

  • 4. Explore how to use the techniques

    Explore how to use the techniques of effective communication in various scenarios.

Your Instructor

Senior Instructor Carl Heintz

Carl Heintz earned his undergraduate degree in business Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California and obtained his MBA degree from the USC's Marshall School of Business. He passed the CPA exam on the first try and is licensed as a CPA in several states. He was a tax manager for “big four” CPA firm Ernst & Young, where he served on the firm's regional management advisory services committee and was co-author of the firm's first internal operational auditing manual. Later, he served as a partner in several local CPA firms and has started and grown several CPA firms. Mr. Heintz is a nationally recognized speaker and author for Thompson Reuter's Gear Up seminars. He has also been an instructor in taxation, accounting, and data processing at the University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and several community colleges. He is the author of dozens of published articles and three books, as well as serving on the editorial board for numerous tax, accounting, and technology publications. He was the producer and presenter for National Public Radio's “tax tips” series.